Folding storage/container shelf, 4 levels.

Sturdy shelf that can be folded up against the wall. 4 shelves, 166x39cm per shelf. When folded up, it only protrudes about 10cm from the wall.

Item nr K129

Sturdy folding bench/shelf, 2 levels.

Sturdy workbench with 2 levels. Each level is 119x70cm. Shelves made of 45mm laminated wood with a 12mm plywood surface. Can be used as a shelf or bench. Easy assembly. When not in use, fold it up against the wall to save space. When folded, it protrudes only about 10.5cm from the wall.

Item number: K122.

Drying bags/dehumidification bags SekoDry Ultra
(300 grams).

SekoDry Ultra moisture absorber is used to protect items from moisture during storage and transportation in containers, storage units, vehicles, caravans, and more. A hook for hanging facilitates placement within containers.

With a unique combination of calcium chloride and a gel agent, it is a highly efficient and cost-effective absorbent. Depending on temperature and humidity, the absorbent bag can absorb up to 400% of its own weight.

For more information, please visit the page about drying bags