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Folding Shelf/Bench with 2 Tiers

Price 2950:- sek/piece
Article number: K122

Suitable for use as either a bench or a shelf. When folded up, it protrudes only about 10.5 cm from the wall. Each shelf level measures 119x70cm. Load capacity: 275kg per level, evenly distributed. Working height on the top level is approximately 97.5cm. Bottom level is approximately 26.5cm. When folded up, the height is approximately 163cm. Shelves made of form-plywood and frames made of laminated wood. Sides reinforced with robust 30mm aluminum profiles or laminated wood posts. Instead of disassembling or removing it when not in use or needing space for something else, simply fold it up against the wall.

Article number: K122

                                                                             Drying Bags SekoDry Ultra 300g

Price: 76 SEK per piece excluding VAT. Applicable when purchasing a full carton of 60 moisture-absorbing bags. Shipping within Sweden is included.

SekoDry Ultra 300g absorbent is used to protect products in containers, storage spaces, vehicles, caravans, boats, etc., during storage and transportation. The active substance is calcium chloride. A hook for hanging facilitates placement in containers and is included upon delivery. Shelf life of up to 5 years while inactive. Operational lifespan is 6 to 8 weeks after activation, depending on temperature, humidity in the surrounding air, the quantity of the product to be protected, climatic conditions, and transport duration.

Article number: FP01.

Drybag SekoDry Ultra 300g
Drybag SekoDry Ultra 300g

Portable / Mobile kWh Electricity Meter. 400V

Temperature Range -25 to 55°C IP44 The meters are non-resettable.

Price:1750:- SEK /piece excluding VAT, Article number: E416 400V 16A
Price: 1950:- SEK /piece excluding VAT, Article number: E432
400V 32A

Folding Magazine Cart / Transport Cart

Artnr 916009

Capacity 70kg
Price 350:-SEK/piece